Song Lyrics

incomplete but original notes used to create "Reverberation"


Its my business every sound every image every interaction with my being every country every ocean every breath every function my discretion with intervention heavily saturated with intention for compassion n prevention dedicated to the ever lastin information about the solutions to the pollutions that mach up the contributions to society that bless reality with luxury through beauty and meaning; seeding; planting breeding sewing growing knowing stowing showing loving reading greeting meeting seeing breathing;tappin n rappin; stack flappin while backpackin through back draftin mentally craftin ravines n gorges organically forged at source of creation by the lower level beings of stagnant molecular properties the basic mathematical entity the foundation for life of which gives us our strife our life our dice our vice i entice through advice as i speak about the observations i have detected in this life so now its time to spread the divine in rhymes n patterns emulatin the vibrations of creation through the miracle of chatter n art thats been in us from the start
so turn up get loose get schwifty aim to set goals hypothesize theorize discuss talk about life and love and truth and beauty talk about sustainable realities complete and sweet keep the cycle going were creatures of awe, with wonder we discover about the universe how our chemistry propels our relativity illuminating points of singularity to bring definity to our society to ensure our longevity as history shows how we die for our beliefs how weve hurt and shot burned n bombed slaughtered n pillaged commited genocide and stood right beside it yeah were a bitch to our beliefs and ya better believe it and im telling ya now to believe in each other, believe in compassion, love, hope n interactions to keep from crashin for love long lastin a chance to hope chance to love chance to breathe chance to see a chance for participation in traditional congreations across the nation building space stations through gracious patience replicatin evidence based practices rackin stacks upon fundamental luxuries its the best of we from the things we see to the way we feel so we can be amongst the greatest things soarin high and free expressin creation with ease in the breeze under the sun positive fun as we run and glide on soakin in sunsets with no need to fret easin into confidence a eutopia of proclamitory sustainance so we build n we record we discuss concepts born n we relate as we grasp as we feel we get real n heal its kinda a big deal so hop the train free of pain outta the rain eyes on the bane yes! theres a plan to do what we can fan the righteous n shame the insidious for the consequence of inaction towards infraction is diabolical distraction we need the traction so treat it like a faction with passion enunciate the captions who needs discression with the right intention step by step were reinventin or rediscoverin passin down handin on growin on this societal invention democritization open invitations for future generations to walk alongside individuals creation boosted up broadening limitations forward accelleration motivation contagion pat on the back uplifting sensations my dedication understanding limitation and workin within conditionin to propel the tact i take on my position my propisition we exchange information we constitute this reservation with accomidating declarations indicating verbadum aspirations of the heart mind n soul the goal you show let me know what ya got stowed wrapped ribboned n bowed ready to blow the point of the show while workin on the flow i want you to let me know how it goes how ya feel what dya know im lookin for the paths that improve my flow


They awlays told me my life would have flare that if there was anything i wanted i could probably have a pair but lets be fair i wanna see it square
universal economics at the base of what i believe in because if it isnt worth everything it aint worth nothing so whats the girth worth when the people actin moody
long distracted peeps concerned too much with movies n the fashion wheres the passion for the everlastin truth the beauty n the couth so come together lets rebuke
draw the line its stoppin time lets define mental clarity for the sublime integrity of clear thought out scientific precision to accelerate the human condition gotta stop the negative manipulation or be hit with degregation as destruction and pollution is no substitution for contribution so mach up your retributions and step up to giving thanks through loving ways, give praise, look up at the day and reach out to see the difference in the rays and pouts and meaning in between for deep down fundamentally the similarities behind our biochemistry can be propelled through collaboration with absolute motivation in universal harmony these personified attributes are obtainable cant you see?!
from a mathmatical sense its absolute we got common goals formed through conciousness blessing us with replicatable evidence bringing facts of condemnance for as we bloom and wilt with the waves of generations leaving primary indication towards education to explain what we are and how we work paving way to a society full of symbolic actions free of hurt and full of action so where to break down the fundamental relationships that hold onto the grip that our lives function with so lets get with it and stick to bein fit and proving the facts and healin the nations with proper health information we bring these commodities to attention with affection and reap the benefits of the collection as we grow our intentions with fascination at the fingertips of our creation a reassurance indiciation its the instigation shared emotional soul medication flow meditation technique so with every breath i take i shall dedicate to be a sheppard to thy kin and dictate with guidance the importance of contributin' so lets begin about the reality of sin in absense of light a darkness darker than any night so which path are you to go?
educate it in the yes n no
look at us go group minded brilliant collaborative organisms birthed from dirt now lovers of intellectualism
there is no lost cause when youre fighting for the right cause as every failure every success all part of the awe a learning experience provided right in front of your eyes with life as the movie tell me what do you spy now break it down for me player slayer extraordinare i wanna hear about some thoughts on your experience from there to there

Illuminate The Darkness

involuntary impulses leaking into my reality i acknowledge their darkness and continue on sadly what a dream i swear sometimes lifes pretty mean, decapitations happening behind me forcing emotion quickly trying to focus through the tears fears and explicit feels push aside the blockage and unclogthe dam, let the waters flow full of your eternal jam
its lifes strife that fries me, fuckin givin up here and there takin breaks from what i can take, fall over n sleep, how many hours a day do i need to make this dream actually reap
n sow blasphemy i know, ridiculous, thats the goal fuck with my flow watch me go, destined forced, purposed to grow.
a static pragmatic continuous drone, my focus my sights my intelligence: GLOW
watch as work always makes itself apparent, we're the universe duh its our mothers fucking parent, part of it, in it, with it, one all the same, open your eyes and find out your place is in this game
were part of a machine you are not a human being,   domesticated results bless us with cooperation and relationships where panic takes control of our organics leaving us with a bad stoke of luck breaking rules considered fools looked down on and drool but the average population controlling the nation is a puppetted mentality of stupid reverberation, looked in the face and barely even you, but then again neither am i, do true.
so where does it belong on this long twisting road, feelings flow, thoughts go, is my creation an important stimulation when im on my way to my destination or do i get there and thats the flare, what ever happened to the tortoise and the hare when situations get bare and the truth wasn't true, well maybe it was but right now my feelings brew
yeah joy is the situation of comfort from within sit down do your best and let your soul being to flourish thats the way to get it right, take your time do the math and fight the best fight
human fucking beings quite capable creatures i swear we could all get along, explore love and be one with nature, what a great creation this universal temptation confusion and fear blocking the road, unclear.
be sure with your purpose and set your mind straight, eyes on the prize, the universe can relate we all get the same way frustration anger love ambitions concussions, death, frustration, some say its a game we play
but day to day the struggle exists, get out get up and expose yourself to the bliss, have no fear with good intention my dear, were all a product of this universe that will one day reappear.
an infinite cycle of infinite possibilities were amongst the plague free and amongst the guilty, falling in place with grace with hit possibilities, opening our world to the demands of a better infinity.
equal proportions and symmerty are beauty, everyone knows this except martin skrudi
well maybe he does i aint given that brother love but from what ive heard fix that fucking glove people griping about some shit down the road is it because this civilizations about to explode
fear sells guns americas number one steven king horror stories like were trained fear is fun what the fuck america is that the song to be sung, you all know bradley died before his time if only we took the world and made it sublime.
maybe then einsteins theories would still be in prime, maybe then elon musk wouldnt be hiding in the dusk worried about russians, hitmen and counter productive republicans, yeah i said it but dont be mad, im just listening to the words of the world from my perspective, okay dad?
so theres a fix in there somewhere thats square, that fits in the rules where everyone gets jewels, a true experience of life within our limits, pushable, maleable, but break it and shit cmon yall lets pick it up a bit, with 9 billion people on the planet im only part of small group that shares my language, why have we divided where can we congregate man im so done participating in ape rape.
so shuffle down the street spend your dollars on something more leet, how about a propogation transparent to all nations, superflerous, and beautiful causing our civ 1 instigation thats the best optimal future for our nations and if ya dont know it go look it up, singularity, economics,  ecosystems, and biology the fundamental components for changing the worlds oncology.